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Empowering Each Other, One Game At A Time

Team Kitty is a family of Twitch broadcasters comprised of almost 60 streamers & content creators – mostly women (and one really awesome guy!). Founded by KittyPlays, our team's goal is to expand networks for all team members, and open new doors for streamers of varying sizes to be able to collaborate with and support each other.

Our Diverse Network

We have a total following of over 3 million people, and our teammates are growing at a stunning rate everyday. Our diverse community exposes viewers to new ideas, products, & broadcasters in a manner that is proven to deliver engagement through a familiar form of media. Each streamer has their own diverse following, and our commitment to supporting each other means we share those audiences with each other each day! Our focus is to spread happiness and a love of gaming, by promoting positive stream environments and fostering growth within our team!

A Community of Gamers

Team Kitty broadcasts a variety of games ranging from competitive first-person shooters to indie titles. This broad range of games has created a diverse community of broadcasters that spans across countless gaming subcultures. We help channels grow and foster communities that encourage channel collaboration through a shared love of gaming.