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Kitty of the Week: THELADYMEA

Name: Meaghan St.Pierre

Twitch Username: @theladymea

Twitter: @theladymea

Instagram: @theladymea

Hometown: Toronto

Team Kitty Member Since: Jan 2016

1. What year did you become a professional gamer?

I am a full time Creative Streamer and one of the original art streamers before Creative became an official Twitch category. I began streaming on Twitch with both art and game play in Sept 2014.

2. Favorite current game/ favorite game of all time?

I am a super big fan of the Dragon Age Series, my ALL time favourite being Dragon Age: Inquisition. I also love the Dark Souls and Bloodborne games. Also love the Legend of Zelda series, with Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask being top favs!

3. What game got you started in gaming?

My first game I played nearly non stop when I got it and sparked my love of gaming was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time when I was 11.

4. What part of your setup can’t you live without?

Part of my set up I can’t live without? My canon HD camcorder! Got to capture that art!

5. Something no one knows about you?

It’s not widely known, but I have my Skate Canada Gold Certification in Ice Dance.

6. What are your passions besides gaming?

Figure skating is a huge passion of mine, I skated for 20 years. I also love to write stories and I am currently working on a novel series.

7. What's your highest gaming accomplishment?

Completing Dark Souls without raging or getting salty.

8. What's your advice for young gamers?

Never be afraid to pursue your passions.

9. What’s your favorite part of being a part of Team Kitty?

Being around amazing and talented people who have come together to be a positive force in the world of gaming and beyond!

10. Best gaming tip/trick?

If Dark Souls taught me anything it is patience, perseverance, & resourcefulness. These can be applied to any game as well as in life!