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Kitty of the Week: STEALTHELF11

Name: Katie

Twitch Username: @stealthelf11

Twitter: @stealthelf11

Instagram: @stealthelf_11

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Team Kitty Member Since: 2/16/2017

1. What year did you become a professional gamer?

I have been a pro gamer all my life, Kappa. Just kidding, I started doing this full time in 2015 when I realized it was my passion in life more than anything.

2. Favorite current game/ favorite game of all time?

My favorite current game is ESO and my all time favorite is Skyrim! I love the Elder Scrolls Games!

3. What game got you started in gaming?

World of Warcraft was my life for so long. I started in Vanilla and played all the expansions.

4. What part of your setup can’t you live without?

I can't live without my Razor Naga mouse. For real, best mmo gaming mouse!

5. Something no one knows about you?

I have been a ballet dancer since I was 3 years old and still dances in my point shoes when I am alone at home. SHHHHH don't tell anyone! ;)

6. What are your passions besides gaming?

Photography! I love doing creative photography, some of my work has even been published in school books!

7. What's your highest gaming accomplishment?

Completing Outlast. I HATE scary games and making it through was an accomplishment. 

8. What's your advice for young gamers?

Remember to go outside! Gaming is amazing but we have to remember to take care of ourselves and take breaks. Growing up I loved going outside and even today I still take breaks to smell the beautiful fresh air.

9. What’s your favorite part of being a part of Team Kitty?

Being on a positive team! I love that all the members on Team Kitty are positive and full of love and life!

10. Best gaming tip/trick?

Don't let the rage take over you. We all rage and get mad that we can't finish or complete an important part of a game. Take breaks and believe in yourself! If you remain positive, you will achieve anything!