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Kitty of the Week: ASKESIENNE

Name: Libby

Twitch Username: Askesienne

Twitter: @libbyk

Instagram: @libbykamen

Hometown: I grew up in Texas, but I’ve lived in New Jersey since I was a kid!

Team Kitty Member Since: 2016

1. What year did you become a professional gamer?

I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘professional’ gamer by any means, but I started streaming on twitch in 2014 as a part of a charity initiative and I’ve been enjoying my time since!

2. Favorite current game/ favorite game of all time?

As far as ‘all time’, I play World of Warcraft the most! Current favorite is probably Overwatch, and I’m also really interested in learning Heroes of the Storm!

3. What game got you started in gaming?

Warcraft III was my very first ‘try-hard’ game, and definitely something I love.

4. What part of your setup can’t you live without?

Honestly, a really comfortable headset. (and my Discord, to talk to my community!). I currently love my MasterPulse Pro, from CoolerMaster.

5. Something no one knows about you?

I grew up figure skating! I competed from age 5 to about age 14.

6. What are your passions besides gaming?

I mentor a FIRST Robotics team, which is my main timesink. FIRST is a competition where students and mentors work together to build competition robots, which will hopefully inspire them to go into engineering & technology careers! I love working with my students, and their tech projects are so fun for me!

7. What's your highest gaming accomplishment?

I used to lead a raiding guild and achieving the progression throughout the different raid tiers was always a major sense of accomplishment for me. I think working together with other gamers has always fueled me, and tackling a really hard problem feels awesome!

8. What's your advice for young gamers?

Manage your time! I know playing games is fun, but make sure you’re doing other things too - volunteering, being active, whatever keeps you balanced. :)

9. What’s your favorite part of being a part of Team Kitty?

As the Team’s manager, I love being able to help broadcasters grow, and help coordinate this massive network of wonderful women! Team Kitty is a fantastic place and one of my favorite victories is seeing Team Kitty streamers meet their goals, whatever they are!

10. Best gaming tip/trick?

Keep a spare chapstick near your desk! My cat always steals mine, but it’s nice to not have to search for it. :)